By August 01, 2015

The second way to grow your business: Get your clients to buy more or more often. For this growth model you’ll be talking to your existing customer base. That necessitates that you A) know your customers. And B) are able to reach out to them directly in as many ways as possible. I’m always surprised by the number of our clients who don’t have an up-to-date database of customers….

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How marketing benefits the four ways to grow
By July 01, 2015

You’ve probably heard it before, but there are only four ways to organically grow a business: Get more (good) clients. Get your clients to buy more. (More frequent or larger purchases) Charge more for your services. Cut the cost of operations. In the next series of four blogs, I’ll look at how marketing is an essential part of each of those ways to grow.   The first way to…

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By June 01, 2015

  “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ― Henry Ford   Customer-led marketing strategies are great for developing improvements to existing products and services. But when you want to innovate, your current customers may not be the resource you need. To create new markets, talk to noncustomers to determine why they aren’t buying from you. What is keeping them away? What…

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By May 03, 2015

This is the season of graduations; when invitations to portfolio reviews vie for time on my calendar and resumes flood my inbox. But this year, graduation is especially relevant for me. My daughter graduates from high school this month. It’s an incredibly busy time for her full of “lasts” and preparations for “firsts.” For my part it has prompted introspection. How can I possibly direct her, and the countless…

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Web Writing
By April 01, 2015

By Julia Duvall, Cooper Smith and Company writer The Telegraph reports that the average adult is exposed to the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data per day. Amid this landslide of mostly digital information, you have just seconds to grab your audience’s attention. So, how do you stand out from the vast sea of content online? Rise to the top of the digital wasteland with these five tips to…

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By March 01, 2015

We’ve been an Apple Macintosh shop from day one. We loved them. They were intuitive, stable, and reliable. Until the Cloud. Most of our software now comes from the Cloud. Programs update automatically and sometimes without warning. Apple, in an effort to stay ahead of hackers and competitors, releases new systems more frequently than my windows get washed. As new versions are introduced, software developers scramble to stay compatible….

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By February 01, 2015

We’re coming up on trade show season again. Exhibiting at trade shows can be stressful and costly but when done well, they can be a powerful tool to move you closer to your business goals. Below are five tips to help you make the most of your company’s tradeshow experience: Visit before you exhibit If possible, attend a show before you commit to exhibiting. Walking the expo floor will…

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By January 01, 2015

The team members at Cooper Smith & Company rely on our smart phones to make our lives easier and our work more productive. Want to know which apps we turn to on a daily basis? Here’s a list of our go-to favorites. Evernote I use Evernote like the iPhone’s Notes app — on steroids. Because it syncs with all my devices, anything I jot at my computer can be retrieved…

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By December 05, 2014

When you flip through your social media feeds, what do you stop and read? The photos and videos attached to social media posts strongly influence engagement. In fact, visuals are so critical that posts to Twitter, once a primarily text-based communication system, now include images more often than not. In addition, platforms such as Vine, Instagram and YouTube continue to grow in popularity. If visuals are so important, why…

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By November 05, 2014

By Bridget Drendel, Cooper Smith & Company web designer Designing a website is not just dumping copy and images into a template. A proficient web designer knows that considerable planning is involved to create a clean, functional website. Here is a simple checklist that every designer needs to take a website from cluttered to streamlined. Domain and Hosting: Setting up the web domain and hosting is a top priority, as…

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