By April 16, 2018

Want to study up on design? Subscribe to some great design sites. Here are our top picks: Invision –Invision provides a platform for prototyping, collaboration and workflow. You’ll find resources for UX, team-building, and marketing, like inclusive design, how to conduct user research, and ways to empower your design team. Marvel –Marvel boasts “the best design articles every day”. Product design, color theory, the ultimate UX reading list have…

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Talking to your Customer
By March 15, 2018

I always say, “You never know what business you’re in until the customer tells you.” I know so many companies for whom customer feedback has led to major changes in their strategic direction. Changes have included new or additional products and services, and markets or audiences served. In fact, I have seen customer insights completely turn a struggling company around.  Customer feedback can point out ways to provide deeper…

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Meet the Artist: Sally Cooper Smith
By February 27, 2018

I love business and art equally. I respect the nuts and bolts of business, but I love the creative side most of all. I thrill at the creative “Aha” moments — when I can look at a client’s problem with fresh eyes and see a new opportunity or solution they had overlooked before. The same dichotomy is true on the art side. I love the creative aspects of my…

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Wright Service Corp internal communications
By February 07, 2018

This case study was first published in the PR News Guidebook.  Major Challenges Faced José lives and works in Houston as a General Foreman for Wright Tree Service. His colleague David is based in Wichita, and works as a computer programmer for Terra Spectrum Technologies. Both employees work for the same parent company, Wright Service Corp., based in Des Moines. How can their employer make sure these two team…

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Is your business ready for new leadership?
By January 22, 2018

It’s good news and bad for every business founder: your business has grown. Dramatically. Following this news may be the realization that you’re no longer the best person to run the business anymore. It’s bittersweet, but exciting. Like the student whose skill has excelled beyond their teacher’s, your business is ready for a new mentor. You now have the chance to create something even better, bigger — if you…

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Recurring Income
By January 03, 2018

Recurring income is a holy grail for business owners. Who doesn’t want to sell something people buy over and over, (with little to no additional work for you!) But if your business model is built chasing one-time or big-ticket sales, adding a reoccurring income stream may seem out-of-reach. Get your team together (or enlist your creative agency’s help) to brainstorm supplemental products or services your company could offer after…

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Send It To My Virtual Assistant
By December 13, 2017

In a world of Siri and Alexa it’s no surprise that the virtual assistant field is booming. Companies like Upwork and allow you to contract individuals to work remotely. These individuals are typically self-employed independent contractors who work from home, and have backgrounds in anything from professional administration to technical or creative fields. Assistants communicate with clients primarily via email, but Skype, phone calls, or Google Voice calls…

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Meet the Artist: Will Bassett
By November 30, 2017

As a 2016 graduate of the Iowa State University College of Design, Will Bassett is the newest member of our design team. He has quickly become an integral member of our agency, working closely with clients to deliver hardworking print & digital communications. What’s your favorite color palette to work with? I’m not sure there is a specific color palette that I enjoy over others. I would say in…

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Always Be Hiring
By October 26, 2017

A lot of business owners say they want our marketing expertise because they need “more business.” The fact is, often they can’t handle more business. As a rule, marketing brings leads, not sales. Someone is going to need to qualify and close those leads. If you don’t have manpower to follow-up quickly, those prospects will grow cold or worse yet, buy elsewhere. (Then your competitors will send you thank…

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Paper Stock 101
By October 10, 2017

We love paper. After nearly 25 years of business, and countless print projects, we can confidently recommend the best paper for each project. We work closely with paper suppliers and our local printer partners to choose the perfect paper. Beyond color, you’d be surprised how many versions of “white” there are. Here are the basic paper stock options to consider. Paper Weight Text – Text weight stock is the…

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