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Hashtag Hate Mail

  Have you noticed how hashtags seem to be how all the cool kids are posting? Status updates, Instagram posts and tweets end with hashtags meant to clue the reader into the mood or meaning behind a post. Such hashtags are called asides—and in my opinion, they are way overused. For instance this week, a friend […]

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Courting the superconsumer

I love the Harvard Business Review and getting time to read it is my guilty pleasure. This month when I had some time on a business retreat to catch up this article caught my eye. I share an excerpt of it for you here.   From the March 2014 Harvard Business Review Make Your Best […]

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Choosing an agency: Short list interviews

This is part three in a series of three blogs about searching for a creative agency. Last month I suggested you do some pre-planning before you interview your list of creative agency candidates. This month I’ll coach you through the interview process. I highly encourage companies to take the time to meet with a short list […]

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