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Design is a verb

I am a designer. I am a business owner, a strategist, a writer, a mother, and a wife, but I was a designer first and will be — even when those other roles no longer define me. But designing, the verb defining the process of creating and changing, runs deep in my psyche. For me, [...]

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Facebook moves the furniture again.

I saw a repost the other day that said, “Facebook, this is where I live. Please stop re-arranging the furniture.” Facebook’s latest interior redesign affects business fan pages deeply. Their new timeline page layout attempts to bring story telling into social media, but in Facebook-land the story can get pretty jumbled. Why is Facebook frustrating [...]

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ArtCrank 2011

Getting someone to pay for your ideas gets rid of a lot of fuzzy thinking. – Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media This month the designers and I are creating posters to sell at a benefit for cycling called ArtCrank. It’s the second year we’ve participated in this event and it’s always a good time for a [...]

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